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Finding a Vet for Your Labrador Retriever Puppy

One of the and most important and sometimes most difficult things dog owners must do is chose a vet. If you have had pets before or family and friends that have had pets, this is often done by referral. If you are new to the pet world, what do you do?


As with any important decision you should first have a plan. Make a list of potential vets by use of referrals and your local phonebook. Once you have a list, the process of selecting your vet begins. Schedule an appointment with each vet and plan y explaining you are looking for a vet and would like to meet with them for a few minutes to go over some questions.


If you already have your dog when going to interview with the vet, take him along. This will be a great way to see if your pup is going to be comfortable at the office and with the doctor. Just make sure to ask if you can bring him along first.


Typical questions you may want to ask include:


  1. Ask about fees and services. If you know your dog will need a special service ask about it upfront.
  2. Opinion on the proper age to Spay and Neuter if needed.\
  3. Experience, educational background.
  4. Observe their interaction with your dog.
  5. Observe other patients and overall cleanness of the facility.

Once you have interviewed each candidate you will need to make your decision by trying who best matched what you are looking for. Remember if the vet does not work out, it is OK to switch but hopefully by doing some upfront work you can find a vet to serve yours and your pups needs.