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The Importance of Proper Identification for your Lab

One of the nicest things you can do for your pet is make sure they are always wearing the proper identification. They should be wearing a tag with your name, their name, address and phone number, and a valid rabies tag. This greatly increases the chance of your pet being returned to you when they are found. Some shelters are so full of unwanted animals that they can only keep animals who come in without collars a few days before they are euthanized.



Some people dont feel comfortable leaving tags on their pets, if that is the case you should buy a collar with your phone number sewn in. There is always the chance that your pet will get out of their collar, and there are other options for permanent identification. Tattoos, usually done on the belly near the thigh, are an easy inexpensive way to permanently ID your pet. Plus, it gives you added protection if your pet has been stolen. Laboratories usually will not buy animals that have been tattooed. A tattoo can be done while the animal is under anesthesia being spayed or neutered.


The newest method of identification is the microchip. A small chip about the size of a pencil lead is inserted under the skin using a large bore needle, right between the shoulder blades. Then a scanner can be waved over top of them, and a unique number will show up that links the animal to you. Most shelters now are equipped with scanners, and scan every animal that comes in.